“The main concept that has drawn me to my mat over & over again was the concept of finding SHELTER.  No matter what I was going through in life, I always knew I could find respite during yoga class.  I could take a break for an hour & just practice.  Afterwards my problems always seemed smaller.”



“Space.  Modifications are all about space.  If you can’t clasp your fingers together or straighten your arms overhead, grasp wrists.  Grasp forearms.  Don’t clasp at all & diagonal the arms up to the left & the right.  Don’t compare yourself with others.  Find the space that works for your individual body.”


“The greatest thing I was told in teacher training: You are enough.  I had brought a criticism I had received to my master teacher, that I wasn’t confident enough.  I thought she would give me all these different tricks so I could be more confident.  Today it is very true, it shattered all the preconceptions I had about myself, yoga, & who I was as a teacher.”